Friday, August 22, 2008

Natural energy resources

India produced water energy in a very high level. It is making full use of water resources for create Electricity.But stilll its need of electricity is not fulfiiled. So India use the nuclear power plant to fulfill its energy requirment. India has 7-8 neuclear power plants currently . One nuclear palnt produce very high lavel energy to heating the water for electricity but all nuclear energy is not used only 40-50% is used . One nuclear plant age is 13-14 years & after its harmful chemical it leaves will take 100 years and above to become neutral. These chemicals are very harmful for climate & all living things on the earth. So we need to use the nature resoureces for electricity & energy like that solar energy ,wind energy & water energy. We just need to make the best use of our natural resources so that we can expect a bright future for our coming "GENERATION".

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